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We are a small digital marketing agency specialising in Google Paid Marketing and Google Organic SEO marketing. We partnered with other marketing agencies to offer a range of additional services, from Social Media Marketing to Design and Development. Our partners can even assist with above-the-line marketing solutions. We pride ourselves on fully transparent client service and reporting, so you always know how your business is performing.

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Google Paid Marketing

Google Ads allows us to immediately be competitive on Google and bid for the first 4 positions when someone searches for your product/service. This is a more controlled marketing medium than SEO, as we can target specific geographical areas, audiences, and demographics to narrow down our targeting. New campaigns can be built and activated within 24 hours on Google Ads, giving you the freedom to make any special offer or new product available to your audience overnight. Reach your target audience effectively with multiple ad creatives like: Text ads, Banner (image) ads, Video ads (YouTube), etc.

Google Organic Marketing (SEO)

Organic marketing on Google is a long-term process where we transform your website to be as search-engine-friendly as possible to ensure high keyword rankings. High rankings on Google are obtained by using white-hat SEO methods that will not get your website de-indexed in the long run but benefit your website for years to come. We ensure that the full user journey on organic search is optimised for optimal performance – from the initial touchpoint in Google search to the checkout or main goal has been reached. This digital marketing strategy might take a long time to work effectively based on domain history, but once it gains traction, it will continue to grow and support your business with free traffic from Google.

Dominate your Digital Space!


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